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Beautiful painting and plastering jobs 
in Amstelveen area

Professional Painters and Plasterers for your house

Interior painting: Walls, ceilings, window frames, doors, staircases.
Exterior painting: Window frames, doors, roof frames, fascias and dormers.
Professinal Plastering: Walls and ceilings. 
We're only happy when you are!
Therefore we will do our best to make you happy and satisfied during and after your painting/plastering jobs.
• Painting and plastering work are an important finishing elements which will have a great impact on your home style and atmosphere. Therefore we pay a special atention for the materials we use and asure smooth and nice results.
• We relate to the plastering and the painting as one job as we know that a fine end results depends on the quality of both these two jobs. 
• We will cover your furnitures and floor to protect it if needed.
• We will leave your place nice and clean.
• We can advice you how choose your colores wisely to gain the right atmosphere you like.
• You will get a clear quotation, specific time schedual, flexible service and quality results.
• You will get a five-years guarantee.

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