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House & Garden Amstelveen

We only happy when you are satified!

House & Garden (SP CONCEPT)
DR. Alphons Arienssraat 1
1185PC Amstelveen.
KVK. 341911994

About us:
House & Garden was established at 2003 in Amsterdam, KVK. 341911994 .
We provide renovation and gardening services in Amstelveen area.
We provide our services for both locals and expects in the English language.
We are a service oriented company focused on the client comfort and satisfaction.
We will set a promp meeting with you to provide you a clear offer.
As soon as we get your approval, we will plan you project carefully, alocating specific time and budget frame.
As we are focused on your satisfaction, we pay special atention on completing your project on time and quality finishing.
Our moto: We only happy when you are satified!

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House & Garden Amstelveen
Dr. Alphons Arienstraat 1
1185PC Amstelveen