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Beautiful bathroom for your comfort

Quality Bathroom & Toilet renovation in Amstelveen area

Your bathroom and toilet should be both comfortable and estethic.
You may wish to upgrade your bathroom/toilet looks, change it to your needs or create an additional one in your home.
• We will be happy to advice you and give you an estimate for your bathroom/toilet renovation.
• We will take care of your bathroom/toilet renovation from A to Z.
Taking out the old tiles and sanitary fixtures.
Reorgnize and replace the old water pipes and electric cables as needed.
Installing your new tiles, sanitary fixtures and lights with high precision.
• Bathroom renovation is a delicate job involving water and electricity. It takes fine skills and long experiece to do it right. We use professional personnel, using quality materials and keeping on nice finishes. We will leave your bathroom and toilet nice and clean after we finish.
• You get 5 years guarantee.
• We can provide you a temporary douch cabine (if needed) till your bathroom renovation is finished.
• We are obligated for responsive, courteous and efficient service, a strict time table and high-end results.
• Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us! Therefore we will be attentive to your needs throughout the renovation and we will go the extra mile for you.

A few tips for your bathroom/toilet renovation:
• Buy quality sanitary and light elements which will not rust later on.
• Alocate enough room to your bathroom and don't stuff it to much.
• Modify the old water pipes and electricity cabel in your bathroom in this occasion to avoide future problems.
• Choose your tiles carfully (color, size, structure) as it will have a great effect on your bathroom/toilet atmosphire at the end.

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